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       from my home to yours       

Professional Cleaner - Entrepreneur - Mother - Yoga Teacher

I started Sunflower Natural Cleaning from the ground up, in rural Alberta Canada when I saw that there was a demand for a natural cleaning company. I had already been researching for a few years at the time on how to simplify and detoxify my own skin care and home cleaning routine, and was excited to share this through a cleaning business of my own. I had I later brought my business into the city of Calgary, Alberta and grew it solely through word of mouth to hundreds of clients throughout the city. Hiring 6 cleaners before marrying my best friend and immigrating to Texas.

After living and restarting business in Texas for nearly 7 years, giving birth to our two children, and then moving to Georgia - I decided to revive my business again here in Paulding County!

Feel free to ask questions and schedule your free in-home estimate by messaging me at 940-391-1523, or e-mailing me at - 

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